Who Am I?

Caroline Robins. 24. Yogi. Dancer. Wellness Enthusiast. 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher. Personal Trainer. Vegan. Foodie. Animal Lover. Traveller. Adventurer. Coffee & Tea Lover. Meditation. Loves Gardens. Indie Vibes. Grows Vegetables. Optimist. Small-town Girl. Big-town Girl. Wavy Hair. Animal Rights Activist. Hot Tea. Running. Health. Nutrition. Random Dancing. Playlist Curator. Loves a Good View. Mountain Tops. Loves the Earth.  Farmers Markets. Exploring New Cities. Wild Flowers. Almond Milk Lattes. Nature. State Parks. Messy Buns. Celine Dion. Obsessed With Guac. Imperfect. Empath. Carb Lover. Plant Based Documentaries. Health Books. Inspirational Quotes. Volunteer. Helper. Peace maker. Student.

Beam of Light. Human.

My Intention

My existence on Earth, online, and on this website serves one ginormous purpose.

To help. 

Real conversations. Unfiltered living. Self-love giving. No fixing. 
No apologizing. Come as you are.

Good things are meant to be shared. The things I've surrounded myself with in life (yoga, fitness, health, meditation, community) have helped me through depression, body image, fear, & anxiety. I believe that through vulnerability, we find a light. Together we will journey from rock bottom to mountain tops, embracing the beauty that we hold inside. In a world that tells us not to, it's time to show up for ourselves.

By creating a community full of creativity, care and content, I believe I'm doing something that can serve others, and something that can ultimately change the world.
Something good. 

The blog will contain a wellness continuum. Yoga and fitness accessible for all walks of life, vegan recipes (the good, the bad, and the ugly); sharing the world through the eyes of myself and the other beautiful souls I encounter. Tips, tricks, and lots of silliness. 

Let's thrive together.

My Signature Classes / Portfolio

Hatha Yoga  Vinyasa Basics  Gentle Yoga  Restorative  Self Awakening  Meditation  Dance Cardio