Friends, this basically tastes like a deconstructed chocolate covered strawberry. You might have to keep this goodness to yourself. Vegan desserts can be hard to conquer. I've had my fair share of weird concoctions and mess ups, but we're on to something with this one.  When I think of a milkshake, three things come to mind: thick, creamy, and rich. We got em' all covered.

Our secret ingredient:

Rebbl Super Herbs.

The "reishi chocolate" flavor tastes like a delicious chocolate milk, so we used that for this recipe. The "reishi cold brew" flavor would be great for a morning smoothie and help give you a pep in your step. These things are awesome.



5 bananas

1 whole Rebbl bottle (flavor of choice, we used the plain chocolate flavor)

1 cup of strawberries

optional: coconut flakes


Throw it all in the blender on medium speed, until you achieve a smooth creamy texture (do a happy dance while blending if you're into that.) Pour the mixture into a bowl or glass, and top with fruit of choice and coconut flakes.

TADA! How easy was that?

You've got yourself A VEGAN CHOCOLATE SHAKE!!! Now go hide and enjoy this by yourself. Does anyone else do a little happy dance when you eat something really good? I like to shimmy and spin in circles.