Hello again!

  These past two weeks I really felt like the holidays hit me. When I've been out grocery shopping (which usually is a pretty relaxing experience) I see fellow shoppers with blank stares, hitting other peoples carts & maybe hitting my heels because I'm not in holiday rage mode going a million miles a minute. Trader Joe's lines were backed up into the aisles, carts were overflowing with yummy goods & festive music in the background. But once you step outside to the parking lot, there is no zen about it. I took a deep breath stepped off the curb, and BAM! It was as if I was in the game Frogger; avoiding panicked drivers at every corner. Trying to find my breath. This is sometimes what we know the holiday season to be. 

But among the holiday hype on this day of thanks, I find moments of peace and reminding myself how grateful I am for my life. It has been so special to start my new journey with all of you. I have never felt more awakened and true to myself.  From the community at Evolve (which will always be my home base, where I laughed and cried with the most special group of people), to the new adventures I face, I just want to say I'M THANKFUL FOR YOU! For family, friends, fur babies, past teachers, current teachers, strangers' smiles, the Earth that grounds me, the air that nourishes each and every breath we take, safety, support, new friendships, love, sacrifice; the list goes on.  I will sit on Thanksgiving and think about every one of you, thanking you for just being you. With that said, here's a mantra I would love to share for this Thanksgiving holiday. 


"Give thanks everyday.

Join hand in hand.

Be Present and full of gratitude."



If you so choose, take the time to recite this to yourself in whatever way that serves you.


I encourage you to also write a list of what you're thankful for and share it with family, friends, or strangers. It will make for a beautiful moment.

Spread the light, it's contagious!

To everyone around the world: however you spend today,

know you're loved.


With a humble heart,