Hola Friends! 

Monday Monday MONDAY!! 

Let's just take this moment to welcome Monday with open arms & a big smile.

...I hear the sighs. The groans. The voices saying there's NO way. Even when I went to urban dictionary, Monday was defined as:

"The reason Sundays suck."
"Monday...rarely are they worth noting."


Monday is definitely getting the cold shoulder. 

We all know it's coming...

The night before, we already set ourselves up for a dreadful Monday just with our attitude and the negative self talk. We wake up the next day hitting the snooze button five or ten times, possibly cursing at our phone and throwing it on the floor. We have no motivation at work or wherever we find ourselves and all we hear is that Monday is back to rear its ugly face once again.

It sneaks up on us and forces us back into our daily routines. Waking up feeling jet lagged from the aftermath of the weekend we had, and now we're back in the office or school reflecting on life, or our to-do lists stressing ourselves out

We spend Monday daydreaming about Friday.

Common phrases we find ourselves filling our minds with:

"Monday again..."
"If Monday had a face I would punch it"
"I hate Mondays"
"Mondays suck"
"May your Monday be short"
"The worst day of the week"
"A waste of life"

Why are we doing this to ourselves?  We already lead stressful lives and to wake up to new day with these thoughts in our head, we're just making it harder for ourselves to keep on keeping on. Maybe Monday isn't the problem. Maybe it's time for us start looking inside at what our heart desires. Dreams, goals, promises to ourselves that we need to keep. Let me tell you, they're not easy to face (from personal experience.) Sometimes the scariest thing is when we're honest with ourselves about how we feel & what we want. Yes, everyday is not going to be ideal, (I hear ya) but maybe by changing our perspective, Monday can be welcomed with open arms.  

Monday is:

A new leaf
A fresh start
A time to reflect and be grateful
A new opportunity
Starting new traditions
Taking care of yourself
Spending time with family/friends

Let's redefine our Mondays!

So my point after all that crazy talk is this:

Before you reach for your phone right when you wake up to check out what everyone else did this weekend, try something new. Sunday night before bed, write out a mantra & place it right next to your bed or on the mirror in the bathroom (it might actually help you get out of bed.) Take a seat. Memorize it. Close your eyes and repeat it as many times as you like until it sinks in. Take a deep breath to seal it in. Refer back to it through out the week.

My Mantra for the week:

I am loved.


Make the first day to your work week YOUR DAY. Your day to kick butt, tell yourself you look damn good, eat a superhuman breakfast, and blast those tunes on your way to work. Be a contagious light.

Make Monday your best friend. (No need to punch it in the face.) 


Have a wonderful Week!

Find time for you & know you're loved.

I hope to make Mantra Monday a weekly thing!

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With a humble heart,