Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Recently I had a free day and decided to disconnect from my phone, to do list and hectic thoughts.

I chose a bench in a park and just sat. Observed and listened. It's sometimes hard for my brain to stop thinking and not move on to the next moment. But I know that will always be a constant journey with myself. Sitting there I watched as butterflies move from one flower to the next as a breeze moved through the trees. Sounds boring to some but honestly it helped me reconnect with myself. 

When you put your phone away and realize what's truly important, all that junk that doesn't serve you in life fades away. 

I wonder if we can just sit and be.

Listen not talk.

Accept & not judge. 

Simply just be present in the beauty this world provides for us. I come to find my authentic self. 

In a world full of disconnect, I find that that I am at my best when I connect with myself first. 

Before I go out into the world as a teacher, student, friend, girlfriend, sister, or daughter,

I must have peaceful times of self reflection and realize what I'm grateful for. 

Others may find it in daily meditation, exercising, church, spending time with loved ones.

For me it was sitting in with nature.


Moving on throughout this week maybe ask yourself:

"Where do you go to reconnect with yourself?"


"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others." -Peace Pilgrim 



- Caroline