Don't Give Up Now

This is my personal letter to you. 

Dear beautiful soul,

Yes. YOU. 

Remember this. Right now, in this moment, you are amazing. I don't care about your faults, successes or shortcomings. I care about the person you are; that burning flame that radiates within your heart. You are not what the world has told you you are. You do not need to be fixed. You are human. A being with the utmost light. Capable of climbing the tallest mountain and diving to the deepest depths of the ocean. YOU WILL OVERCOME. Today is not the end. The past is a stepping stone and tomorrow is full of new possibilities

You did not come this far to only go this far. 

The gaping discomfort you feel that you carry around your back day in and day out is there for a reason - despite what you may think. It serves as a reminder to bring an awareness to what truly is going on. Try not to let this mislead you into the darkness. Step into it, do not resist it. Surrender to the flow of your life. When you feel the chaos ensue, get still and simply just listen to the words in your heart. Repeat to yourself. 




Your voice is valuable. Your true desire is valid. You made it this far. Hell yes! Give yourself a chance. Take a moment to relish in how far you've come. BREATHE. I know you aren't where you want to be, but keep building. Your time is coming. This time is for evaluating your path, the next brick you lay. The hardest part that will give way to something extraordinary

Your time is coming, believe in your abilities. Connect with yourself again. Cry. Feel the emotions that swirl within you that make you human. It's okay to feel. Lay in the sunshine, find what you are grateful for, let out a big laugh, cultivate self love through meditation, immerse yourself in community, serve, travel, take up a new hobby, sit in the confusion & let go of all the expectations you make for yourself. Free yourself of the judgment that you so harshly cast on yourself daily, and welcome in loving words of encouragement & fearlessly step in the direction of your true light.

Do not wallow in yesterday, honor your past and step into the now

Because you see my dear friend, we need your spirit. Your energy. Your creativity. Your soft heart. Your unique perspective. Your smile. 

No one can make you happy but yourself. Spend less time pleasing everyone around you. Start looking within. That magic is in you.

Today is not the end. The sun rises tomorrow.
The leaves will fall but they will grow back again.
he flower will blossom but it will plant the seeds for Spring's beauty.

You deserve to take up this space. 

Give yourself some grace, look in the mirror, and repeat


Sweet soul. please do not give up. Rise like the sun.  

Shine, shine, shine.