Be a Force for Good

Compassion should be the north star of our final destination in this ethical GPS.
— Dalai Lama

Our world is at a stand still. A shift is happening. Our connection to one another has been replaced by screens, social media, and the influence of others. Our hearts are frozen in fear & our minds set in survival mode due to the loss of control that we feel. Where does this leave us? Broken, narcissistic, aggressive, separated, selfish, numb, angry, revengeful, disconnected, closed minded, and unhappy. How can we possibly find the light in such a dark, desperate place? Well, each day we are given a series of choices that influence us and those around us. From the moment we rise to the moment we lay our heads to rest every day, we make an average of 35,000 conscious choices a day. How many of those choices represent a FORCE FOR GOOD, and how many of those do not? Imagine a world where each decision we make revolves around compassion, love, and clarity. Each choice giving way to elevation, not depression. 

"Emotional Hygiene"

If someone has a certain virus, we need to use the appropriate hygiene. Similarly, there’s a hygiene of emotions, when destructive impulse comes, but we show restraint - that’s emotional hygiene.
— Dalai Lama

One solution is to take moments of reflection. To be present with ourselves. We're faced with distractions each day that draw our energy away from the deep grievances that lye deep within our being. Our negative feelings towards ourselves. These can build up inside us over time, but once we become aware of these thoughts & the source of which they came, we can give ourselves tools to help better manage these pesky feelings. Applying simple mindfulness techniques, finding the source of our destructive thoughts, and coming into a greater state of awareness can help build a strong foundation of cultivating a more compassionate way of living to ourselves + the world around us. The fog that once surrounded us suddenly lifts, and we see a fresh view of the world. 

Humanity = Oneness

Despite surface differences, we are similar. Under our skin, our hearts and minds are wired alike. We are all brothers of humanity.
— Dalai Lama

Next time you refer to something or someone, think about how you say it - more "we" and less "us" and "them." Having a whole-hearted concern for one's suffering & realizing that we all deserve happiness (no matter our ethnicity, religion, skin color, gender, etc.) can cultivate empathy. I am no greater than you & you are no greater than I. We walk as one together. Our hearts beat to the same rhythm. Our lungs breathe the same air. Within each us of lies an unspeakable magic that deserves to be shared with the world & celebrated. 


When was the last time you looked straight into a stranger's eyes? Thats where the the real story begins. Our storybook, the trials, the tribulations. Do you notice the trash on the ground that needs to be thrown away? Do you notice the hurt in the eyes of another when their life is threatened or they live in fear? Do you notice the environmental destruction around us? The oil spilling into our water? Do you hear the cries for help when someone has lost all hope? Do you notice the animal hurt on the side of the road? The lady who needed help carrying her groceries? Did you hold the door, or focus on your phone?  What about that person who is always smiling, but is fighting something inside their head? The single parent who struggles to make ends meet? Have you noticed the fear in an animal's eyes before it's separated from its' child? Have you noticed our lack of communication as a society? We're looking past one another. 

Take notice.

Open your eyes to the hardships we each face. 

show affection.
be a hug.
a safe place.
a hand to hold.
a light.
a breath of fresh air.

Be a human being.
The time is now.

We cannot walk alone.
And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

We cannot turn back.
— March Luther King Jr

Let us walk together down this road of unknown certainty. To rise with love flowing through our veins, eyes that see with compassion, and a world that does not accept anything but the utmost good. 

We the people. Together.

Tomorrow, you'll be given another 35,000 choices. How will you use that time to be a force for good?

The world needs you.

Call to Action:

Today I encourage us all to be a light.
To be of service through our words, actions, and hearts. 
Follow your intuition.
Shine your light.
connect on a deeper level

Whenever. Whereever.

I do not claim to know all the answers.

 But taking a mindful step in the direction of love is a place to start. 


Thank you for reading.

Always appreciated,
Caroline Jane

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Inspiration for this post is based on the book: A force for good: the dalai Lamis vision for the world by Daniel Golemen. I encourage you to read this book or jump on over their website to delve deeper into this topic.