Everyday we make around 35,000 conscious decisions. These choices that seem minuscule in the moment, add up over a period of time. Most of the choices we make throughout the day unfortunately have a negative impact on the Earth we stand on. The environment always seems to spark heated descions on Facebook, filled with hate, sides, slander, and not a lot of action. I've noticed that people honestly seem overwhelmed at what's going on around them, or may think that small action leads to nothing. I make the choice each and everyday to say no to this mindset. As much as I like talking about the environment and advocating, I've realized that a lot of us - myself included - are all talk with this urgent situation. It's time we change focus and take action. Real life action. Away from the internet action. Simple, selfless action that creates big change. We look at taking care of environment like a chore; something we have to clean in order to live, but maybe if we start honoring and trying to better serve this beautiful, majestic planet, we'll appreciate it a bit more. Now I'm not telling you go buy a Tesla (unless you got the dough for that) nor do I think you should just start eating organic local kale sludge as your only reliable nutrition source. Together, we can plant the seed of change today. I find power in the 35,000 choices I make every day. Let's make things happen with those choices. Below, I want to share with you some everyday things we can do to make the world a better place. 


Plastic & brown paper bags are not cool (it's 2017. Ditch em.) This is such a simple task! Friends, skip the plastic/paper bags already, it's a big NO NO.

  • Walk it out - if you're close enough to walk places, try it more often! 
  • Bike - it's emission free, plus your legs will look sexy + your cardiovascular system will thank you.
  • Pub trans - Try taking ye good ole public transportation. I see you rolling your eyes, I get it. When I lived in Cali, I didn't have a car. I took the bus and it wasn't bad at all, and I learned a lot about time management. The bus don't wait for NO ONE.
  • Car pool - Grab a friend and hit the road.
  • Keep cup over paper cup - I know we like taking pictures of our cute starbucks cups and posting them to Instagram for likes, but guess what? The Earth sure as hell doesn't like it. Keep cups are such a cute option - here are my favorites. Duh!
  • Ditch the stirrers - No more stirring you coffee with those little wooden sticks. Guess what? You can use you finger or give it a swirl like a nice glass of wine.

  • Compost it up - all the veggie scraps you throw away can actually help serve a greater purpose. Set aside a bin in your kitchen to throw away onion skin, apple cores, etc.
  • Grow your own - find out what veggies and fruit work best in your area and go to town. It's a nice family project and you gain a greater appreciation for what you have. Plus, you don't need to rely fully on the grocery store. Less gas used to get there too!
  • Go meatless more than once a week - Yes. Vegan would be optimal, but I think it's attainable right now for those that choose to eat to meat to slowly take out meat from one or two meals a day. 
  • Minimalism in the kitchen - the bulk section is a new friend to me, simply save your jars and canvas bags and fill up on all the goods without having to use any resources. Plus, it will allow you to eat cleaner foods and not buy processed snack foods. 
  • Cleaner diet, cleaner planet - processed foods are the culprit for a lot of waste. Plastic on plastic. Next time you go to the grocery store, buy food in its natural state. You'll be amazed how much this will help your mind and body feel. Buy raw foods!
  • No more straws - when we're out or get food to go, we use plastic tops to cover our drinks and straws to sip. Try to skip this part and just opt for the cup or stick with good ole water that's in your reusable bottle in your car so you don't reach for the sugary drinks.
  • Sharing is caring - so many communities have seasonal food shares providing you with farm fresh local food. This reduces your carbon footprint, and you're also supporting your local farmers. 
  • It's not what it seems - look further into where your food comes from. This tip is crucial. The food we so conveniently buy at the store is not always what it appears to be. Look past the wrapper, research and find out more about where they source their food and what their mission is. Invest in companies that are here to better the future of our planet - not destroy it. This means no palm oil.
  • Body products - check your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and makeup. These products' ingredients can not only be harmful to our health, but the health of the waterways. If you are worried about the oceans, bays, estuaries, and helping the health of our water systems, start investing in products that won't harm the environment. 
  • Go makeup free - and use that money for a cause. Yes. Not only for your health, but for the Earth. Animal testing, the overuse of chemicals, and the plastic that it comes in is just not healthy for anyone. If you've been wanting to donate to a cause close to your heart, use that $50 you would have used on highlighter.
  • Time your showers -  water is precious. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Simple as that.
  • Cold water is the best water - not only for your blood flow, but its takes less energy. Why not?
  • Invest in cloth napkins - napkins on napkins. Buy cloth napkins that you can just throw in the wash. Same with paper towels.
  • Plastic water bottles - just say no. This is such a big issue. Use those reusable bottles that you have sitting on your shelf!
  • Fix leaks - (cars, sinks, showers.) The more efficient the better. If you notice water dripping, call a plumber. If your car is leaking coolant, send it to a mechanic. 
  • Plant a tree - clean the air!
  • Ditch the lawn mower - the bees need the clover! Lawns are a sign of social status, but it's not something worth investing your time into. Plant native flowers, use a rain barrel, and start researching how to repurpose your green lawn. It can still look fancy and be environmentally friendly.
  • Pesticides are icky - enough with the green lawn fascination. Seriously. We spend so much time seeding, using water resources and laying down pesticide, so we don't have any life near our homes! Again Garden over grass :)

Small steps may be small but a lot of small steps together makes a big one. Remember - a strong rope is only really a bunch of tiny threads woven together.

Start. Making. Your. Difference.

Share below some ways you plan on taking a stand for the environment, or what your next simple step will be.

If you want to be apart of a community of eco-friendly do-gooders, check out the link below for the Climate March Movement in Washington, D.C.