I sit here after a series of 60 - 70 degree days, pondering if I should start the haul of putting away the big heavy jackets and gloves, and double check my knees to make sure they're well moisturized for shorts weather. But while I write this blog, we have winter storm "Stella" dancing its way to Maryland. I can't help but feel more confused with this weather. Lets press onward into some fun spring finds we can start slowly adding in our daily life.

Aloe Vera

This plant not only makes a good companion, but also looks great on your bedside table. It's the plant that keeps on giving. With the weather jumping around, I noticed my skin is just as lost as I am. So, I kindly rip off a little stem of this plant and use the flubber-like substance inside.

Plus, it's great for soothing sunburn, moisturizing that fine skin of yours, helps kick aging to the side, and also if you didn't know - can benefit your digestive system. 

Seriously, lets give a hand to this miracle worker!

P.S. for all the plant killers out there, don't worry - aloe vera plants are not fussy and require only minimal watering. Just some extra love. 

Dry Brush

Our skin can start to feel a little scaly. We've been hiding our gams for what feels like the longest hibernation ever. Let's give our skin the polish it needs - all year round. Dry brushing is a wellness habit that I've seen come to light these past couple years. So of course, being the curious cat I am, I read up on the benefits and headed to my closest health store to find this glorious brush. Last year, I remember I was afraid to touch the rough bristles to my skin. It felt like a porcupine at first, but slowly my skin started to crave and I immediately noticed a difference. Our skin is our biggest organ, so why not give it that extra TLC it deserves?


Check out  this Amazon link to take a look at different dry brushes on the market:


(I bought mine at Whole Foods)

Maca Powder 

I noticed that Maca was in my favorite smoothie that I get from Rutabaga Juicery in Annapolis (it's called Lush.) Recently, I've become interested in natural ways to help balance my hormones (PMS and all those fun lady adventures.) I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Remember friends, always check with your holistic doctor/doctor/midwife etc. if you're having sudden changes in mood, bodily function, or if you notice something is off. I don't push "superfoods" or "supplements", nor am I into the one size fits all approach when it comes to our bodies (I'm not a doctor...even if I did watch Grey's Anatomy for years) But personally, I'm excited to add this into my daily smoothie to see if I notice a difference in my time of the month and leading up to it. 

PMS, Menopause, and women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Energy, Memory and Mood

Lowers Blood Pressure

I would love to know if any of you are using Maca in your daily well-being routine or have had positive or negative side affects using it. 

Dried Lavender

I will never get enough of having dried lavender in some way apart of my daily routine. I thank my mom who introduced me to these little magical plants. 

I sprinkle lavender everywhere - like confetti. You can put the dried lavender in empty tea bags or mesh bags in your dresser or your pillow case to help you de-stress and bring the smell of Spring indoors. Oh so fresh!

Spring cleaning is around the corner - instead of investing in harmful air sprays, throw the lavender onto your carpet and vacuum over it creating a fresh smell throughout your home. Who doesn't want to be apart of this party? Good for your soul & that dirty carpet. 

You can buy lavender in bulk at your health foods store, and I find that it's fairly cheap, unless you go bananas.

Be sure that it doesn't have any added perfumes or additives!

What are some ways you love using lavender? I'd love to know.

I hope this makes it feel like Spring in your home, even if it's just for a day - or in my case - in my heart. My toes are currently popsicles.
Spring is a time of re-birth, allowing us to refresh our mind, body, and soul! 

What ways will you be freshing up for spring? 
I know I need some good old vitamin D!

(currently ghost status)

As always, I am grateful for you.

Never stop being a light.
Share your magic.

Peace to all, 

- Caroline Jane