Be soft. The rigid mountain of muscle with each nourishing breath gives way to a soft landscape where no tension is kept. 


Soften the creases of your forehead that tighten with stress, allow them smooth out, falling away like rain that hits the pavement. 


Soften the space around the eyes, allowing a new prespective to arise.


Soften your words. Once harsh and reactive, now loving and empathetic. Full of introspection.


Soften the space between the eyebrows where your third eye resides, allowing your intutuiton to flow freely like the soft glow of the moon's light. 


Soften your dear heart that can feel so stiff and so cold. Visualize a green light uplifting your soul.


Soften your solar plexus, it may feel dark and unknown. Imagine a burst of yellow light energizing, vibrating, illuminating & never cold. Ready to RISE. 


Soften the voices that tell you you can't.

For they do not own you or understand .


Soften the critic that awakes with perfectionism.

The imperctions are perfection that are not to be messed with.


Soften your breath that is short & shallow. 

Let it move freely and take you to the present.


Soften your steps that you take on this Earth.

Let your footsteps tread lightly on your journey ahead.


Lastly, soften your worries that consume your mind,

For right now in this moment is where true happiness resides.


Soften your spirit that weighs you so heavily to the ground.

Be a healer, a constant light that shines for those who cant seem to find the ground.