Letter To My 8 Year Old Self

Sweet, sweet Caroline,

Don't let anyone harden your soft subtle heart. The world can be cold, but you have the power to create light. Don't stop dancing in your room alone - that's how you will heal your future. Despite the influences that will come, despite whatever will tell you that this is not your reality, it is and will always be the place where you first saw that glimmer of your light and knew this is how you would reach out to those who need to feel that spark again. Dance in the grocery store aisles. Do yoga in the middle of a crowd, when you hear the music, and remind people of what it's like to feel again. Listen to the tune of your own heart. That's your mission statement. Go live it out until that heart needs to rest. Remember the forts you created behind your house in the middle of summer; you imagined it and brought it to life. Once a lifeless pile of sticks and some mud, and you created something out of nothing. Take this life lesson with you and know that all you need to create a life for yourself is within you and around you - just waiting to be transformed. Your hands are the creator. Always be a life-learner like you were, stay curious, and always be in pursuit of love. What is done with love will always prevail and stand the test of time. Remember this life you have been given - it is a gift. Treat every being with empathy and this earth like a gem. I know at this age you're starting to hate your body - when this occurs, stop. Take a moment, smile, and know that this vessel is carrying you. It's the way you're showing up in the world. Treat your body like a home painted, fully-furnished, well-lit house with a strong, sturdy foundation. Unshakable.

Lastly, be you.
Know that the urge you wake up with every morning in the depths of your being is where your purpose resides. Listen every so quietly. Close your eyes, find the vast ocean of your breath. Life isn't as complicated as it's made out to be. You can always come home; the light is always on. 

I wrote this letter to inspire others to come back to their inner child - it will always be with you as you age. I found this letter to be a very therapeutic way to work through the overwhelming feeling of trying to find myself during a time of change in my life, through sharing my own stories. I encourage others to write a letter to your 8, 11, 5, 20, or 30 year old self. What would you say to them?

I hope you find the answer to what you are seeking.