1. YES to self-exploration and investing in your craft

The universe is abundant and when you invest in something that can enhance who you are as a whole, you can experience growth, and growth gives way to abundance and new found joy to share with those around you. 


2. YES to traveling for the sake of traveling

Life can feel stagnant, low energy, and non-spontaneous, which leads us to feel as though this is all there is. Work, money, and materialistic items are not the end all - be all. We have one life, so why not make memories that we can reminisce on and share with future generations? We learn a lot about who are and what we want out of life when we travel to a new destination. New perspective. New outlook. Recharge your soul.  


3. YES to who you are

Hey, friend! Take a moment to find something good about yourself right now. We always focus on what we are NOT in this moment, but what about celebrating who you are? There is no one out there like you on this humongous planet. That's insane. SO STAND UP. Lift that chin. Open your heart and take the deepest inhale and exhale. Shout "I LOVE MEEEEEEE" from the roof tops. 

4. YES to starting your own business

Play the game or stand on the sidelines.

Which do you choose? The sidelines are comfortable, you get to watch and support your friends and you get to THINK about what you want to do. HOWEVER, there comes a time where it's time to jump off the bleachers and start throwing yourself into the game. Comfort is lovely, money is needed, but what about that burning sensation in your heart that you shove into the depths? She matters too! It doesn't have to be perfect to begin. JUST GET STARTED. GET THE WHEELS TURNING and start manifesting a life worth living - not dreaming of. The universe responds to joy, love, passion, and the undying yearning to share our work. Trust that all is coming, know that in the discomfort, growth is happening. 



"I am learning to say Yes, to be daring and spontaneous, to hurl myself into people and places and moments without hesitation or second-guessing myself -- to challenge my anxieties, to confront my fears, and trust unwaveringly in chance and fate to lead me to where I'm supposed to be."  - Beau Taplin