Things that bring me joy! | September Edition

Oh, summer. It was an adventure.... 

...but I'm ready to embrace this season of change with arms wide open. If you've been keeping up with me on the Instagrams, you know that Jared and I moved into our first apartment together. It has been a magical season of firsts. Our soul is so grateful for this space and everything it took for us to get to this exact moment in time. So, I thought it would fitting to share with you the things that have brought me immense JOY! The kind of joy that makes you want to dance & sing out loud all day. The pictures below give a glimpse into our neat little humble abode. We're steering towards a very minimal stress-free environment. I've been advocating the idea lately of enjoying the simple pleasures of life and focusing on creating experiences. September has been deemed that month of transition. Holy Guacamole! It was a crazy emotional month. I can't wait to share with you what October has in store and finally getting to share a deeper look into our lives and who we crazy humans are. But for now, get to scrolling on all the beauty we found in September,... can anyone guess the song? 


"Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away3

Our hearts were ringing
In the key that our souls were singing.
As we danced in the night,
Remember how the stars stole the night away

Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de
ya, never was a cloudy day"


Black Figs from Trader Joe's are magical little things. I used to despise these galaxy looking alien fruits(? veggies?) but popping them on warm steel cut oats has been the fig on top!


Mindful mornings with my love or a good book. I tend to wake up with an anxious mind, so filling my mornings with self-care has become a special ritual. 


These embroidered cut-off jeans make my heart happy. I can't take credit, my girl Jordan reminded me to treat myself. These jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. If you're curious, Anthropologie is the store these traveling pants came from. 


Ditch the car. Ride a bike. Since I'm currently deciding to remain car-less for the time being, I bought myself a bike that takes me back to long weekend bike rides as a kid. Linus bikes are beautiful and timeless. If you're in the market, give them a peek. This one is the Dutchi 3. 


Painting watercolor puts my soul at peace. It helps me express myself from a quiet, loving place. This has really help keep my mind calm, especially in the wake of tragic events.


I've seen this at almost every health food store. I recently finished off the Osea Malibu vitamin boost spray, and realized I loved the product, but it was a little pricey. SO I opted for this spray and it's so addicting. Jared sprays it on his face after a long day of roasting coffee and I love it after a workout to refresh and cool down. 


Wool balls instead of dryer sheets. I love finding new eco-friendly alternatives in replace of every day products.

One of the things that have brought me the utmost joy was making the decision to buy linen sheets. We made a commitment to buy them from a lovely independent business in Belarus, which is near Estonia. It was a random turn of events on Etsy finding linens we loved from a random country in Europe, but we bit the bullet and we absolutely adore them. 


Plants as decoration bring me great happiness. The concept of caring and nurturing something is a beautiful process. Just like in life, the right amount of water, soil, sun, and love can give way to magical things. 


This little guy's name is Terry the Terrarium.


Bandanas are everywhere you go these days and these have been such a fun add on to any outfit. I want to start a tradition to collect them on my travels. This one's from Madewell! 


YogaGlo is great for a convenient at-home practice filled with teachers that I've dreamed of taking from. No matter if you're just starting out or are craving more in the department of yoga, meditation,  and mindfulness, this app has been a joy to use. They have a free trial for first time members if you're curious, and the monthly subscription is only $19.99/month which is the cost of one class in some areas. As a student first, keeping up on my personal practice is very important.


This candle was picked out by my love at Anthropologie. It was a bit of a splurge but if you're in the need of candles, this brand is the one I love. Plus, I can't wait to reuse the glass jar to reduce & recycle. Maybe make another candle?1

Let me know some of the little things that bring you JOY? 
Be on the lookout for October & November! 

Thanks for stopping by!  

I was hoping to get this out two weeks ago, but life happened and here we are in the middle of October. ;)