"The Purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

     A little bit different from my previous blog posts BUT I thought I would share a spontaneous fun-filled adventure we had with friends in September. Jared and I had a free weekend to head up to the north east to good ole New Hampshire, the place where maple syrup dreams are made, for some much needed TLC with some rad friends of ours. Our time to relax but also slow down. I always realize when I pack for trips that I pack way too much. Like literally my whole dresser, it's a problem. I knew that we would be on the lake and it would be colder than Maryland, but my mind goes crazy and starts to prepare for the worst case scenario. Like we'll never come back to MD and I'll be living there for the rest of my life so I must prepare. After Jared saw the mountain I packed, he helped me bring it down a size. I love this guy, always finds balance. We grabbed some essentials from our local Whole Foods the night before and we were ready to hit the open pavement the next morning. 3:45AM we woke up, felt like zombies, but met the crew. Our drive was long but time goes by fast with crazy friends. Now let me tell you, these dudes don't play around in the coffee game. My boyfriend works at a roastery with Caleb (head roaster) and Tash, so we had to stop to check out the shops. One place that stood out was Sip. It was a breath of fresh air to get out of that jail of a car (I hate sitting for long periods) and grab some much needed espresso (almond milk latte for me.) Good times! Nothing could stop us now...until TOLLS! We should have taken out a loan for them honestly, they ended up being the theme of this drive. Toll after toll; it was insanity. Almost 40 dollars and some change later we made it to Hillsborough, NH. The place of crazy ass dirt roads that have no business for a Toyota Yaris. 10 minutes of butt vibration later we got settled into our cabin filled with memorabilia from the 1700's. Can't say I wasn't slightly creeped out.


     The lake was breath taking, the air was crisp. Kayaks and paddle boats at our disposal. Oh and we were one step away from being knocked out by falling acorns. The army of chipmunks were here to stay (the wonders of nature.) All jokes aside it was what we needed. We grabbed our other essentials from this random grocery store. Felt like true city folk when we stepped out into this country town. That night consisted of great conversation by the fire, dinner made by Caleb and Tash, and risking our lives eating old marshmallows left in the fridge. Also, crazy acorns being chucked at our heads. We were really a part of nature. Peace had set in. 

     Next day we woke up in what felt like the arctic. Grabbed some breakfast and gourmet pour over coffee by master barista Caleb, and enjoyed the morning dew. Our mission: to go to a maple tree farm. But first, some Dunkin Donuts (something this crowd wouldn't usually get but you gotta work with what you have on vacation.) After some milk and sugar drinks (I think coffee was in there) we headed through the vacant town ready to get going. Let's just say things took a turn when a local accidentally hit the back of the car while talking on his phone. Long story short, no damage. But this guy I'm not so sure of. He got out of his car wearing two different shoes (a free run and a loafer) and thought it was Tuesday when it was Friday. But that didn't stop us. We moved forward. Driving through the mountains, the trees were beautiful but still had not changed color that much. The way of life was a slower speed which was nice. After no success with the maple farm (had a sign that said "retired from the maple business") we made our way back. Now was our chance to kayak and we loved it. It's so freeing and no one else was on the lake, so we didn't have to worry about wake knocking us over. Let me tell you, people should start guided meditation on kayaks.

     That night Jared and I cooked up some sun dried tomato pasta, made a huge fire, and retired for the night. Time was almost lost on this trip, it was awesome. On Saturday we woke up to even more arctic air (toes and fingers numb.) I attempted sun salutations in the morning; it helped me get my blood going and set the pace for the day. We spent the day on the lake in paddle boats, which is an insane leg workout. We kayaked and attempted to do a headstand on a floating island dock to no avail. After being on the lake all day, more relaxation by the fire. We ate leftovers, more stories, and more death by acorn. 

     The next morning was time to head home. Jared and I got up early to see the sunrise on the lake. We didn't make it before sun rise (couldn't get ourselves out of bed) but we made it in time to see mother nature at it's finest. The sun was almost completely hidden behind the clouds and fog, which was thicker than I've ever seen it. As we walked down, a herring was standing still in the shallow water. It was beautiful. Truly something I don't get to see everyday. We took nature in for a moment there, time stood still. That is what we were there for. Tash and Caleb came down and took in the view, then we packed up, and hit the road for home. 


     It can be surprising how much you can take away from a four day weekend. Away from technology, away from a schedule, away from what we refer to as our daily lives. It puts things into perspective. How things can be, should be. Days feel so cluttered and short in Maryland, and here in this weekend, the days were so long. It felt as if we had no time constraints. I tried diligently to put off this trip; to cancel or postpone it because we didn't have the "time" or money, but it was empowering. I gained peace of mind and reminded myself that there is so much to live for. Our jobs consume us, yet we never enjoy what we work for. I didn't know from the time I woke up what the outcome was going to be, but maybe that's something I needed to realize.  Be present and LET GO! Life happens for a brief moment, and in the blink of an eye our lives can change.


Life isn't meant to be mapped out 24/7. So let yourself live out your desires. Make those promises you hope to fulfill a reality. 


I can only hope that everyone gets a chance to experience a weekend like ours, off the beaten path.

 SO TAKE THAT VACATION you've been putting off. Make time for yourself, make time for memories. (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)

I came back a better:


Adventure is upon us...cease the day!!!

Thank you to Caleb & Tash for inviting us along.


Good friends make for a healed soul.


Let's encourage each other to get out of the norm!!!!

Sending positive light your way,



Feel free to comment below about dreams or adventures you plan to take.