Blue Ridge Mountains

What we are doing to the forest of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and one another.
— Mahatma Gandhi

There is something so pure about the early morning hours, the sun rays peeking through the trees, the watercolors in the sky with dashes of blue purple, orange & yellow. It gives time to find stillness before the chaos while bathing in the beauty of nature. I feel pure rising with the sunset. I used to not enjoy the early morning, I wanted to Nama-stay in bed all day everyday, slapping my alarm into snooze to idle away my cares. Rising earlier has been the greatest reminder to honor each day as a gift connecting me to the one thing that gives us life here on earth; that bright sun. I must say this ritual has given a lot of my days purpose. I wish I came to know it sooner.

Recently, I spent a weekend with my lovely discovering the Blue Ridge Mountains (this a bucket list must.) Here, I had the urge to wake up at 5:15AM, nudging Jared to wake up every morning. We had plans to drive to a lookout five minutes away. We jumped in the good ol' Chevy Aveo that decided to strand us with a dead battery at the top of the mountain. Car troubles aways seem to creep their way in to our lives. But we trudged on, deciding find the next best location. With success, we ran to an overlook spot within walking distance, made it in time, and watched the sunrise slowly creep its way over the skyline. Suddenly, life gave way. The birds started to chirp with joy; the groundhogs poked their heads. Nature started to hustle once again. Blessed with another day to live. Our car trouble faded from our mind, the sunrise reminding us of the bigger picture of life. 

Take a peek at the iPhone pic we captured!

Photos don't do it justice, that's why I urge you to go see for yourself, before it's too late. Dominon has decied to ruin this creation by placing a lifeless piece of metal through the mountains, a pipeline that is ensured to destroy the lively hood & purity of this land. I wonder that morning, if I was looking out on something that future generations will only see in a history book. This pipeline will threaten our very life source, the trees that clean our air, the forest that provide life & the clean water that streams through every crevice of this godly place. I urge you to explore what's happening in Nelson County, Virgina. This sunrise could one day be stolen with construction, cold machines & a treeless skyline. No amount of oil is worth stealing the glory of this place. 

From the time we started our trek up the mountain, we immediately were met with signs from locals, refusing to allow this abomination to happen. I asked check out what action has been taken to stop this. The kind lady proceeded to explain to me how it would effect everyone's daily life & how scientists were doing everything they could to prove this area worthy of being untouched. People are crying out to be heard, they honor the land they walk on & their own representative turns a blind eye. Why - in 2016 - do we still allow people to tell us a pipeline is the most effective way to supply our world with energy? Why is this still even a choice? I'm puzzled at the lack of respect we have for the Earth as a whole. Beyond this outrage, I have a purpose for writing this. We need to spend more time watching sunrises, walking in trees & coming back to nature. We're so disconnected from the world, the very thing that brings us life each day. Living each day blissfully ignorant is a luxury. I don't want to lose that sunrise & I hope we can look beyond ourselves to keep the skylines pure.   

We are aware only of the empty space in the forest, which only yesterday was filled with trees.
— Anna Freud


I leave you with information & the choice to raise our voices. Below are several links to inform yourself of what's going on in our own backyard & around the world. Please know I write this blog from a kind place with the hopes to spread awareness. 

Peace to all




With a humble heart, Namaste