Awaken my soul to this new day.

As the sun crosses the equator,

I rise with a new-found energy for life.

Soften my heart from this cold winter frost.

Open my heart to new beginnings;

bursting with growth,

filled with abundance,



embracing change,

exploring a fresh perspective.

Let my heart lead me forward

being of service to the Earth and the world around me.

Speaking my truth with new found clarity.

Sharing my light as the sun shares its own.

Planting the seeds of my intention,

and nurturing them until they blossom with purpose.

I am whole.

I am breathing.

I am grounded.

Rooted deep within the Earth.

A fresh start.

Full of boundless possibility.

Om shanti shanti,


Happy first day of Spring, you beautiful beings! 

Take a moment to reflect and bask in the sun.

You are apart of something bigger.

You have purpose.

find it // share it