Let It Go // Evening Flow

It's the end of a long day. Your body is achy, tired, and all you can dream of is slipping into your comfy clothes & binge watching the new season of Gilmore Girls, but before you dive deep into the dark deep abyss of Netflix, give yourself a chance to release the stress of the day. Make time for yourself by adding a little time on your mat, living room floor, or kitchen floor if that's as far as you can go. The more we can commit to ourselves & create a space to find balance, the better. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a new after work routine. We all seem to lead a fast-paced life, and it can be so easy to just say no to thing that matters the most. What is that thing you may ask? YOU. You matter. So pencil in some time for your fine self. Turn on your playlist & shred the day away. 

This practice can range from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Take the time you need in each pose & be sure to honor your body throughout the practice. Peace begins inside you. Focus your attention on the beauty of the present moment away from the to-do list.

Remember my beautiful friend. Self care is the best care. 

 *Follow sequence left to right



What you need: 

  • blankets, bolster, blocks, pillows (optional) 
  • clear wall space
  • a smile, dog or friend 
  • mat (optional if you're on carpet)
  • gentle yoga playlist or a quiet space
  • your awesome self


  • Honor your body. I can't stress this enough. 
  • Go slow. 
  • Modify. Modify. Modify. (use your props)
  • Skip a pose. Tailor it to your needs.
  • Let go of judgements/expectations.
  • Create a space for yourself where you can hide away (do the best you can)


Begin in Thunderbolt Pose. (Vajrasana) Place a blanket under the knees, ankles or underneath your seat. Close your eyes & slowly draw your focus inward, softening the body with each breath. Settle in. 

10 rounds of breath


INHALE. Clasp your hands at heart center. Press palms to the front of the mat. Find space in the shoulder & collar bone, flowing to the next pose.

Continue inhaling & movement, pressing the palms towards the sky, lengthening the side body. 

On your EXHALE, release hands, slowly drawing your awareness to the space around you.

While holding each position, invite your breath to the side, back & front of neck.

(Four rounds of breathing in each position)

SAFETY: Go slow. Keep the shoulders even. If you feel any strain, bring the head back to center.


Inhale. Finger tips touch overhead.


Easy pose with a twist (Parivrtta Sukasana)

Exhale. Twist, keeping the heart open & head aligned with tailbone. 

Side body stretch, opposite arm as leg. Root down through the sit bones. Breathe into your side body. What arises?

Half straddle with forward fold. Hinging from the hips, lengthen out of the crown of the head. Activate the leg in front of you.  6x breaths

Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

Lay forearm on the floor, parallel to the ext. leg. Anchor down with the bent leg to create a crescent moon shape with the body.

6 rounds of breathing


EXHALE. Half straddle forward fold. Hug the shoulder blades.

6x breaths.

This starts the sequence for the next side. Be sure to switch feet to balance out the sides. Take your time to compare the difference between the right & left sideINHALE. Arms rise.

Revolved side body stretch. Twisting your torso slowly with your breath towards the ceiling. What opens up?

EXHALE. Twist, and imagine a spiral staircase moving up the spine. Hold for four breaths.



Childs Pose (Balasana) Coming to a place of rest. Shifting your focus to your deep belly. Where is your breath? 

Stay for 4 breaths

Side Stretch. Soften the face & root down through the hips. 




Cow pose (Bitilasana)
INHALE. Hips in line with knees. Shoulders in line with wrists.

Cat Pose (Maryjaryasana) Press away from the floor, energizing your core. Creating a dome shape. Comfort: Blanket under knees.



Plank. Hold for 4 breaths. strong legs & long body.


Rag Doll. Holding opp. elbows. Feel the pull of gravity. Releasing the lumbar spine.


INHALE. Long spine. Lifting sternum up. Use block or place hands on shins.

Exhale. Catcus arms. Open the heart. 


Downward facing dog. Transition by hopping or stepping to top of mat.

4x breaths


Puppy pose. Hips stay in line with knees, anchor down with tops of feet & shins. Modify by placing forearms on the ground or placing blanket under sternum. If not, take childs pose. Honor your body.


Happy baby pose. Finding the feet and calves to gently pull the knees towards the floor. Feel free to rock back & forth. Modify by looping a strap over the ball of foot & guide the hips open.

6x breaths here.

Flat back, then exhale twist. Gate pose with a twist. Stack wrist & shoulder. Kickstand the leg out, pressing into pinky toe.



Exhale. Elbows graze ribs. Knees. Chest. Chin.


Ext. Mountain Pose. INHALE. Crack a smile & soften gaze.

Low lunge. Long line of energy from heel to crown of head.


Exhale. Runners stretch.


Tadasana with heart opener


Set up for bridge pose. Find natural alignment from the pelvis to the back of the head. Feet hip width apart. Press down evenly through the feet & shoulder blades. INHALE.


Bring knees to chest & on your exhale, supine twist. Knees stack on top of one another. Arms to a "T". Placing a blanket under the knees for support. 

Repeat on other side. 

Repeat on other side. Expanding the arms like a bird. Long spine. 




Baby cobra. Using the upper back. Lift chest. Legs strong.


Mountain pose (Tadasana)
Stand proudly. Lifting tall.

Low crescent lunge. Knee in line with ankle. 



Modification w/ blocks


Chaturunga Dandasana. Modify with knees on the ground. Elbows pull into the midline.


Exhale. Press through the feet & guide the hips towards sky. Heart stays open & option to reach arms overhead, be aware of any lower back pain. Modify with block placed under the hips or rolled blanket. Stay for a couple rounds of breath.


Reclined bound angle. Guiding your awareness to your belly & the rise & fall. Slowly with each breath, you shed away what does not serve you. Creating abundant space within the mind & body.

YOU made it.

Downward facing dog. Hands shoulder width apart & feet hip width. Modification: Bent knees, blanket folded under lifted heels. 6x breaths



EXHALE. Downward dog 

4x breaths


Standing forward fold. Press firmly through feet & relax knees. Hamstrings long.

Low crescent lunge. Sweep arms over head. Lifting up through the lower belly. 



Low crescent lunge.


INHALE. Upward facing dog.

*Repeat flow on other side. Right & left.


On your next exhale lower the hips slowly, one vertebrae at a time. Finishing in a supine position. Take a moment to tune in


Feel free to take legs up the wall. Sit bones are parallel to the wall, but the stretch should not be too intense. Leave an inch or two of space from the wall. Place a folded blanket under the hips, under the head, or under the hands if you choose.

This is the best way to release the day. Regulating your blood flow & relieving the body of its duties. Softly draw your focus inside. Giving yourself permission to simply be. Stay here for 5-10 minutes. SURRENDER. 

Thank yourself for showing up on the mat today.



"I am love. I am truth. I am light"
 (Check in with me, I would love to hear from you on social media. Let me know how your practice went & what you may be interested in next time!)