"HIIT" the Park Bench


What's that stand for you ask? 

High Intensity Interval Training.

What is it?

"High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a system of organizing cardiorespiratory training which calls for repeated bouts of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery. On a 1-10 scale of perceived exertion, high intensity can be considered anything over an effort level of 7. When using max heart rate (MHR) as a guide, high intensity can be considered exercising above 80% of MHR."   - Ace Fitness

Whats all the hype?

This convenient take-anywhere workout is a game changer for our society because we always feel like we're short on time (the number one excuse to not working out.) Proving to burn more calories, improve your anaerobic system, (without oxygen) and aerobic system (with oxygen), speed up metabolism, effectively increase VO2 max & overall improve your health. 

Is this for everyone?

HIIT can be designed specifically to meet your abilities/workout goals. If you have been cleared by your doctor, are at low risk, and performing at moderate/vigorous activity you are ready to go. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have periods of inactivity, or a family history of high risk (diabetes, smoking, unusual cholesterol levels, hypertension etc.) should possibly seek medical clearance before starting any exercise program. If you're unsure, just contact your doctor and they will be happy to help you on your journey. No matter what, honor your body & don't be afraid to modify duration, movement, or length. You've got this. 

How many times a week?

Start with once a week, while incorporating other forms of steady state exercise. HIIT calls for an extended rest period, so be sure to give yourself that time. 

Then progress to 2-3 times a week, if this fits safely into your workout regimen.  


Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes (pretty please.) No cold thighs allowed.

2:1 ratio

[1 minute on, 30 seconds of static hold or light movement]

Repeating 3x through  

Don't sit down (unless you need to) 

 Keep walking. Find your breath.

Drink water before, during and after.

Have fun! 

ON : Mountain climbers. 1 minute

OFF : Hold plank. 30 seconds

ON : Bench step-ups. Alternate back and forth. 1 minute

OFF: Hold side plank. 30 seconds

ON: Plank jacks. 1 minute

OFF: Other side plank. 30 seconds

ON: Wide push ups. 1 minute

OFF: Leg lifts. 30 seconds right, 30 seconds left

ON : Oblique twists. 1 minute

OFF : Bench dips. 30 seconds 

Take a 2 minute break and repeat workout 2 more times. 


4x through

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