Blossom Yoga Playlist

Seeing little signs of life appear in the landscape has to be the one of the most magical things to witness. 

The Earth slowly begins to dance with dabs of color in every direction. Birds gliding in the wind. 

Spring feels like a re-birth. 

A time to peel back the layers of one's self and open our hearts to the sunshine. 

I created this playlist with an intention in mind, to provide a compilation of music that reminds me of a Spring morning.

The dew on the grass, the sun slowly coming up, life around scurrying, birds singing their song.
Walking in the moss, listening to the waves by the ocean, the bees start to buzz. 
Nature has a lesson to share with us every season. 
The power of life itself, resilience and growth.

May this music serve as a reminder to pause, soften, reconnect, breathe, and take a moment to find gratitude for the support mother Earth gives us each day. 

Gratitude for a new beginning.

What are you leaving behind moving into Spring, and what you like to share with world as we step forth? 



Caroline Jane