Make A Sacred Space

Pick a space in your home that you naturally feel drawn to. Maybe a corner in your bedroom, window sill, dresser, yoga room, or office. Think of somewhere that you pass by often to remind you to stop and slow down. I find that your space doesn't have to be anything fancy - and it changes over time. I set mine on a little table that faces windows that bring in natural light (lighting is everything.) There's plenty of space to lay out a mat in front to meditate or practice. 


A symbol that means something to you. I have an elephant which, in India represents good fortunate , strength , wisdom and solitude. 

Natural Elements

Plants surround my altar and give me a sense of ease when I pass my altar. Bringing in flowers from your garden, buying a plant that has great meaning to you. The sky's the limit. 


I have a mantra or quote that I switch out depending on what I'm looking to cultivate in my life. Think of a mantra, quote, or verse that empowers you or brings you to the present moment and write it out. Place it on your altar as a focal point.

Essential Oils

Whenever I come to my mat or meditate, I leave essential oils at my altar. Placing a drop on your hand and rubbing into your palm is a nice self-love ritual to add into your meditation. 

I currently have

Doterra's Peppermint Oil - thanks to my girl Lauren Good!
Peace Oil Blend - Anjali Aromatics (amazing oils)
Abundance - Young Living
Energy - Young Living

Palo Santo, Sage, Incense

Once you have a space, it may be time to clear it. Palo Santo (aka " Holy Wood") is a tree native to south America used to for healing, clearing, and purifying properties. Physical benefits include relief from stress, anxiety, headaches trauma, + common colds.  

Sage: a nice cleansing scent, clearing + all about nature vibes.

Salt Lamp or Natural Lighting, Candles

Set the mood.

I love my salt lamp from Evolution Salt Company. It brings a soft glow to the space + I'm all about bringing the outdoors in, allowing me to feel a deeper sense of calm. 

Candles are a wonderful add in. I picked one up from whole foods that has an affirmation attached to it. I'll light the candle and read the affirmation aloud. 

Crystals, Feathers, Malas

Your favorite crystals, a feather you find, your malas, a rosary or a piece of jewelry that has deep meaning to you. Adding these little items can bring about positive feelings and remind us to find gratitude in moment. 

Pray, Chant, Mediate

So once you have your sacred space created, you may be wondering what to with it. Well, that all depends! From my experience, sometimes just passing by my altar reminds me in the middle of a chaotic day to stay present even if it's just for a moment. This is your safe space - so listen to your intuition (chant, pray, sing, practice yoga, meditate, dance, lay down, read a book, light a candle.) One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is presence. Stopping. Sitting. Feeling. Tuning into your own landscape. 


Journal & Books

Place your favorite book in this space or keep a journal so you can keep track of your thoughts or get your creative juices flowing. Putting pen to paper has been a very therapeutic experience for me - plus doing creative writing after meditation is a beautiful experience. The sky's the limit. 


It doesn't have to be pricey, look Instagram worthy, or be copied from Pinterest. This altar represents your world, so take a peek around the house for trinkets, go outdoors. imagine this being your own art project. You hold the paint brush and the canvas is blank. Explore. Release. Heal. Come back home. 

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